These introductory craft-based workshops are accessible for all writers, regardless of skill or experience. Sierra provides simple but effective tools for pushing your poetic capabilities: to help you freshen your metaphors, harvest your image palette, and hook your readers.

As one of the oldest forms of storytelling, performance poetry connects us with others as well as ourselves. In addition to articulation, intonation, and the difference between successful and distracting body language, Sierra's performance workshops illustrate useful communication skills that extend beyond the stage.

Poetry is not only a means of expression; it can also provide empowerment and healing, giving a home to voices that may have been otherwise silenced. As the curriculum director for the nation's only summer poetry slam camp for high school students, Sierra is skilled in creating a safe space to examine trauma, mental health, and other issues through poetry. She established a holistic classroom in which the whole student is educated and empowered, not just how he or she writes.