"What's love but a secondhand emotion?" — Tina Turner

Tired of writing the same love poem over and over again? Sick of love in general? Think Valentine's Day is actually a superficial scam invented by a card company to shame people into spending money and feeling sh*tty about themselves? GREAT. Spend this year's holiday writing poems with me instead!

I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID GUITAR is an online poetry workshop that revisits and redefines the standard love poem, while celebrating bitterness and broken hearts everywhere.  You'll gain permanent access to five writing prompts with correlating "inspiration” texts, as well as general writing tips, some self-love cheerleading, and of course (failed) relationship advice.

Enrollment is $25. The workshop will become available February 14, 2017. As there is no set time required for participation, students can complete the prompts at their convenience.