“The only way you can write is by the light of the bridges burning behind you.” ― Richard Peck

BOLDER FIRST DRAFTS is a six-week online poetry workshop intended to inspire braver and more innovative work. The course was designed to push each poet (regardless of age or experience) to evolve as a writer by abandoning the comfort zone of their traditional approach. Think new poems, not just good. 

Every session will engage a primary theme, muse, or technique and will feature 2-6 "inspiration” texts, along with correlating writing prompts. In addition to the production of over twenty new drafts, participants can expect to leave this workshop with a greater command over their inner critic, an increased knowledge of existing poets, and a plethora of tips and tricks to apply to future poems. 

Starting March 12th, a new lesson will be made available every Sunday. As there is no set time required for participation*, students can complete the workshops throughout the week at their convenience. There are two levels of engagement:

Includes access to weekly workshop, as well as one live group session via video chat*. (If you are unavailable to join us for the live class, it will be recorded for later access.) 

In addition to the weekly workshops, Level 2 participants will have opportunity to receive personalized feedback on two poems per week from Sierra. (Registration is capped at 10.)